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About Us

Financial Planning


  The team at Certus Financial has over 40 years of experience helping clients navigate through major financial decisions to meet their long-term financial goals. We can answer questions about superannuation, investments, taxes, retirement, and/or estate planning. We are here to listen and help.

Proven Approach

A Proven Approach

We have a comprehensive understanding of the economic environment and financial markets to offer our clients sound advice based on their unique circumstances and goals. We are committed to providing financial advice and tailored strategies to meet our clients’ objectives.

Why Us

Why Us?

Our team comprises of a wealth of finance experience and are committed to working with the highest levels of professional integrity and ethical standards. Our clients can always be assured that our financial advice is comprehensive, objective and in the best interests of the client.

Susan Rio CFP


 Susan has been in the  Financial Planning industry since 1987.  


Her industry experience includes wealth creation, strategic superannuation planning, taxation and investment portfolio management. 

Susan has held financial planning positions in the stockbroking and banking sectors where she provided strategic financial advice to a range of individuals. Susan’s roles included providing internal training to stockbrokers and developing financial strategies for their clients.


Susan’s ability to empathise and work with her clients’ unique circumstances and objectives, allows her to provide tailored financial solutions for her clients.

Susan Rio - Financial Planner
Hock Liaw - Financial Planner

Hock Liaw CFP  LRS


Hock began his financial planning career in 2011 and has industry experience which includes wealth creation, insurance/risk, strategic superannuation planning, taxation and defined benefit scheme maximisation.


Hock has held financial planning positions in the industry superannuation and boutique planning sectors where he provided strategic financial advice to a range of individuals. Hock’s roles included presenting to various Federal Public Service departments as well as delivering public seminars on a broad range of finance related topics. 


Hock is committed to helping his clients understand the financial market in order to build and instill financial confidence which ultimately enables his clients to make better financial decisions. 

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